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Proper Development Goes Hand To Hand With A Soccer Club's Methodology

"The wrong understanding of the sport creates a setback for a whole generation instead of a step forward to a National, and International success"
Dan Cabeda
Professional National Coach / Licenses USSF C, D, E and F
Technical Director @CabedaSoccerAcademy

What is Proper Development when it comes to soccer?

Dan Cabeda: Proper Development is when a soccer club puts first above all, Ball Mastery to build a strong base for years to come. As the phrase goes universally, "Master the ball, Master the Game" Players must feel confidence with the ball at their feet from an early age; therefore, they need to learn how to master the basics such as dribbling, cutting the ball with the outside, and inside, turning around with different parts of their feet, changing direction, stops and starts, pulling the ball back, among many others skills and moves that happen in every single game.

Why is a Soccer Club's Methodology so important when it comes to development?

Dan Cabeda: If your main focus is winning games as a Club's Director, Technical Director, or Coach, that reflects massively on the type of Methodology that is being taught on a training basis within an organization. There is nothing wrong with being competitive, and wanting to win every match; however, the main focus or objective of a soccer club or academy with young players should be how to prepare them for the later stages in their careers, and how to be above the average level technically speaking. Regardless of the final result, players should always be encouraged to experiment while having the ball, and not judged by anyone every time they try something new at training or at a league match. How do we expect to have world-class players in the National Team if all they are being taught is how to kick the ball anywhere they possibly can? It is time for a change, it is time to start thinking about our players and their future as coaches.

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